CKT: manufacturer of carbon road bikes of the highest quality!

CKT is a family run business that has been around in the Taiwanese bicycle industry since the beginning of the nineties and who have been making carbon fibre frames since 2001.

Kuang-Tsan Chiang, CKT’s president, is one of the world’s best designers of carbon fibre bikes. His frames have built up a strong reputation over the years due to their reliable and unique design.


In recent years, there has been a proliferation of producers of carbon fibre bikes, where some designers have been somewhat creative with the rules in order to meet the demand of their clients. Often layers of plastic and fibreglass are used to keep production costs as low as possible. Combine this with growing popularity of frames lighter than 1 kg and you will understand why some frames break in completely normal circumstances.

CKT distinguishes itself by a having a very different approach to the production of frames in carbon fibre. CKT doesn’t boast about the number of layers of carbon that are used, because if you build the frame correctly it’s of little consequence. M. Chiang is convinced that using high quality carbon fibre and the correct placing of each carbon fibre layer is the most important ingredient of a high quality frame.

In contrast to most other brands who claim to be made where the company is located, CKT is proud that the frames are made in Taiwan. All monocoque CKT-frames are made by skilled and experienced technicians according to a secret procedure and in working conditions most Europeans would envy. All CKT-frames are painted in Taiwan.


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